Cause - Thank you Nature Foundation

In 2021, we created “Thank you Nature Foundation” to extend our reach and tackle nature conservation challenges across India. With the express vision to shape a world with abundant biodiversity, a sustainable climate and an equitable future for all, our “Thank you Nature Foundation” will strive hard to promote, support and protect the Nature & wildlife in India.

Why the urgent need to protect nature?

The COVID-19 virus - believed to have originated from bats and been transmitted via wildlife trading networks in Asia - has thrust into the spotlight the links between the health of the planet's natural systems, animals and people. This has encouraged a rethink about how humans treat the environment, with the aim to stop damage to the climate and the natural world so the planet can continue to provide clean air, fresh water and nourishing food.
Every day we put these benefits at risk. We are destroying nature and if we don't turn things around quickly, we will pay the price. Humankind now faces three global challenges: the loss of biodiversity, climate change and the corona virus pandemic.
The COVID-19 pandemic is purely a result of the exploitation of nature, If we continue to destroy ecosystems, the direct contact between animals and humans will increase and that will set the stage for the next pandemic - but we can avoid this if we start now and be more kind to nature.